Running & Cycling Injuries

As an avid runner and cyclist, Heather understands the love of exercise. Whether you are a competitor, recreational or complete beginner athlete, sports physical therapy can help keep you moving.

Running Injuries

shutterstock_136301591The number of people enjoying running as a form of exercise continues to rise. In addition , it’s been reported that anywhere from 20-80% of runners will experience a running related injury in any given year . Heather has taken extensive continuing education courses in the latest evidenced based examination and treatment strategies for runners of all abilities and ages. In addition to using manual techniques, modalities and taping to help promote injury healing, Heather also utilizes video motion capture to assess running form. Running specific exercises and drills are also incorporated into treatment to help optimize performance, improve form and prevention of future injury.

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Cycling Injuries


Heather has taken extensive continuing education in the science of bike fit and works closely with Overlook Bicycles In Woodstock NY to help optimize proper fit between the cyclist and bicycle.