In her 22 years of physical therapy practice, Heather has helped so many people in her community. Here are a few comments from Heather’s patients:

“Heather literally keeps me going. She gets me back to work, back on the bike or hike, and most importantly, back in my garden. Her thoughtful and intelligent approach to the body and healing is a rare gift. “

Kali Rosenblum

“As an avid runner, I sought Heather’s expertise both when healthy and injured. She not only assisted me with alignments and adjustments to keep my training on track, she helped me identify the causes for my injuries when I did have them, and provided me with strengthening exercises so I wouldn’t repeat them. She continues to be an asset to my training and my health.”

Barry Price, architect

“Working with Heather over the last 11 years has made a powerful impact on my body and the way I take care of it. Heather has taught me proper form for sitting at the computer, standing and running. The exercises she has shown me over the years have strengthened the various spots that were weak in my body and if done regularly, keep me strong, comfortable and pain free. Heather’s approach is kind and creative. Sessions are educational, therapeutic and effective! I have referred many a friend, family member and client to Heather because of the positive experiences I have had with her over the years. If you are considering working with a PT, I highly recommend setting up a session with Heather, you will be very happy you did!”

Lysa Ingalsbe, Registered Nurse, Holistic Health Coach

“Heather’s care offers a peaceful environment where she will listen and be attentive to your individual needs”


“I started seeing Heather years ago for PT on my lower SI joint and hip. She always treated me like an athlete, not someone injured or who had to stop doing things or pull back from stuff. Instead she showed me exercises to strengthen my back and keep myself strong and athletic — not dependent on seeing her. Fast forward six years to this year, and I started running. I went to see her a few months in, worried that it would lead all those lower back problems back into being problems. No… She watched me run and coached me on my form and stride. I’d been pounding the pavement (literally) and now with her help I’m running fast and far and it doesn’t hurt. I can sprint after miles and miles and miles and still feel fresh. The way she guided my posture also translated off the road to my desk where now I’m working better too. Then there was the moment of joy recently where at the end of watching me run, she told me I looked like a running video. And that is all due to her…”

Jen K

“Heather has an invaluable combo of skills that include knowledge, experience, common sense and interpersonal understanding. She motivates more than she pushes you to achieve the outcomes you want. The results for me have been awesome. I am very grateful for her encouragement that helped me decide to have a total knee replacement and a successful rehabilitation.”

Bethia Waterman, Big Indian

“When I met Heather I was in agony. A plantar plate tear in my second toe and painful bunion had made exercising impossible and walking painful. After surgery with two pins, in two toes, I wondered if my feet would ever return to normal. Heather was magical at mixing the perfect remedy of vital stretches and encouraging words. PT is essential in recovery. Heather’s expertise had me back on my feet sooner than expected. I am on my feet all day for work and now I am running and hiking with ease! Thank You Heather!”

Tracy, Documentary Filmmaker

“I have found Heather Roberts to show great care and attention to detail when dealing with any of my personal injuries. She always listens intently and offers solutions to help you return to your day to day life as pain free as possible. As an athlete herself Heather understands the personal importance of returning you to your preferred activity as quickly as possible. Heather also knows first hand the value of being active and maintaining your own personal athletic pursuits and interests. Her goal is always to get you back to where you were physically as safely and quickly as your body will allow!”

Billy D., owner of Overlook Bicycles

“Her easy manner, and welcoming smile, belies a steely determination to give her patient’s the best care. And, when she is not practicing PT, she is a valuable community member who unselfishly has devoted many hours to support local organizations, and most particularly, the local school district. She is an unusual practitioner who is adored by her patients. You will love her”


“Heather is a gifted physical therapist who put me on the road to recovery after back surgery. As a physical therapist myself, I wanted to be in peak condition to return to the job I love. Heather’s expertise in orthopedics made me feel confident that I was literally ‘in good hands!’ She has dedicated countless hours to obtaining the highest levels of certification in our field. Heather does an excellent job of combining the knowledge from her years of experience with the latest research in our field. Thank you Heather for your professionalism and your kindness!”

Jean Leirey, PT, M.P.S., D.P.T.

“Living with aches and pains is not fun. Heather has a huge database of knowledge and a natural, intuitive way of looking at each patient’s body and helping it heal itself. I felt calm, relaxed, and yet energized after each session with her. I would wait weeks just to see her, she’s the best out there!”


“I first went to visit Heather for a torn rotator cuff do to a sports injury. The pain that I had made it really hard to find a comfortable sleeping position.
She immediately worked her magic and my pain became less and less, she also gave me a set of exercises to strengthen the shoulder muscles.
It has been a few years since that first visit and I’m happy to say that my shoulder keeps getting stronger (my Ortho had wanted to do surgery) and now not only am I her patient but so is my whole family.”

Jack B.

“Heather Roberts possesses a unique ability to combine her incredible talent and professionalism with her natural proclivity to listen and nurture. She has helped me regain my strength and mobility – and I remain forever grateful for having been in her care.”

Marybeth M.

“My teenage daughter plays soccer year-round. When the wear and tear caused shin splints, Heather took great care to properly diagnose the exact nature of the problem. She gave her exercises to do which not only solved the issue, but have prevented any new injury.”


“Heather understood my individual needs as an athlete as I was recovering from surgery. Her ability to tailor her approach made a huge difference in my outcome. She is both an artist and a healer.”

Durga Yael Bernhard

“Heather Roberts has treated my whole family, myself, my very active husband and our soccer playing athletic teenager throughout the years. Her powerful yet gentle healing hands always bring instantaneous ease with whatever is going on and her practical exercises are so helpful to help strengthen and prevent re injury.
Through my visits with Heather, I have so much more awareness of how I am using my body and what to do to stay in alignment.
I have struggled with chronic lower back issues for many years due to my 25 year profession as a make up artist, with a 50 lb bag that goes wherever I go. I always leave Heather’s sessions feeling such benefit from her gentle yet powerful touch and recommend her always.”

Leanne H.

“Heather possesses the expertise to correct a variety of afflictions. She provides the preventative instructional techniques and inspires one to persevere. A healer, teacher, and motivator. “


“Heather is a true learner! She approaches ailments with a clean slate and takes the time to understand you. As a patient with multiple issues over the years, Heather is drawn to process of learning what is wrong with you and how to solve your pain. She welcomes the latest research and is always looking for ways to improve her professionalism. She is the type of physical therapists that partners with you on journey to manage your pain and prides herself on creating a regimen specific to your health. She is a doctor of her science!”

Gabriel Buono